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Introducing SevenBeans - NetBeans meets Windows 7
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Add Windows 7 features to your Java application.
Try J7Goodies - the library that powers SevenBeans.

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Don't know how to install? Read our instructions.

Installing SevenBeans

Inside NetBeans invoke the Tools | Plugins menu. Switch to the Downloaded tab. Now click Add plugins... button and browse to the downloaded SevenBeans .nbi file. Finally check the module on the list and click the Install button at the bottom left corner.

Install instructions

Found a bug? This is how to disable the module manually.

Manually Disabling SevenBeans

Open file:
C:\Users\<user name>\.netbeans\6.9\config\Modules\com-strixcode-sevenbeans.xml

Replace the line: <param name="enabled">true</param>
With: <param name="enabled">false</param>

SevenBeans is a NetBeans module that makes your IDE way more productive on Windows 7.
Jump List

Jump List

You can now pin the NetBeans IDE to the taskbar and the start menu. Quickly access your recent projects and pin the favorite ones. Save time by creating new projects or files directly from the jump list.

Icon Overlays

Icon Overlays

Important NetBeans status is always visible on the taskbar button. A small overlay informs you that your project is running or a build task is in progress. Other notifications are displayed too.

Progress Bar

Progress Bar

Easily monitor progress of a build process, an IDE update or any other long running operation. Switch back to NetBeans when it is ready.

Tabbed Thumbnails

Tabbed Thumbnails

SevenBeans creates a thumbnail for every open document exactly like Internet Explorer does for open websites. You can quickly preview tabs and switch directly to a particular document.

This feature is disabled by default. You can enable it in the Options window.

Options window


You can choose which features to enable or disable. Invoke the Tools | Options menu, then click the Miscellaneous button and finally the Taskbar Button tab.

The technology behind it


SevenBeans uses J7Goodies - a Java library that provides all Windows 7 features in a developer friendly way.


Show your appreciation for SevenBeans and support future development by donating! Your support makes this project possible, and your assistance is greatly appreciated!

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