Windows 7 Integration


J7Goodies - Windows 7 API for Java

Now you can access Windows 7 API from Java. Enrich your application with jump list, taskbar thumbnails, thumbnail toolbar and more. Make your Java apps feel native on Windows 7. Read more


Q7Goodies - Windows 7 API for Qt

A Qt add-on that provides Windows 7 features like jump list, taskbar thumbnails, thumbnail toolbar and more in a Qt way. It integrates seamlessly with existing applications by using Qt design patterns and API style. Read more


SevenBeans - NetBeans meets Windows 7

A NetBeans module that makes your IDE way more productive on Windows 7. SevenBeans is an example what can be achieved when J7Goodies is used to integrate a Swing application with new Windows 7 features. Read more

Mobile Apps & Games



Use your creativity and see how far you can go starting with just four basic elements. Become the legendary alchemist and combine the strangest components together on the final quest to create gold. Read more


Soviet Eggs

A classic handheld game from the Soviet Russia - "Nu, pogodi!" returns! Help the wolf catch eggs rolling from four roosts until the game gets too fast for you. Read more


FM Radio N9

A FM radio receiver for Nokia N9. Use your phone to listen to local radio stations! Plug in headphones and enjoy automatic scanning, station list management and a beautiful user interface. Read more




Finally a prototyping application that focuses on productivity. Sketch by its simplicity forces you to think about the big picture. Stop fine-tuning your drafts and get the job done. Read more